Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why do I go out in public?

I made the afternoon decaf (Verona Bold from my own personal angel from the 'Bux, Amy) and saw I was out of milk.

This will not do at all for the afternoon pick-me-up.

So I headed out the door. But Chopper and Lila looked at me with their passive/aggressive "We'd like to go so much but we know we are too much trouble and you'd never take us."

In a devil-may-care mood, I said "Come on, let's go!" to my faithful bullmastiff companions.

They jumped in the back of the SUV and we were off.

At the store, I bought milk and a few other items totaling $80.00. (my word, groceries are expensive!) before heading back to the car.

Walking towards it, I could see a slight movement through the privacy glass in the back of the SUV. The dogs had seen me, even though I couldn't see them. They were starting to wiggle around in anticipation of my arrival.

They made me smile just thinking about them.

Before I could stop or even edit myself, I heard my voice calling to the dogs from clear across the parking lot. Using the obnoxious sing-song voice people use when talking to their beloved animals, I shouted " Who's the poofy strangers? Are you the poofy strangers? Where are Mommy's poofy strangers? Who are the best poofy strangers?"

(Quick sidebar: Could I explain why we call the dogs "poofy strangers?" Probably. Will I? I don't think so. Just accept it. Don't judge on us.)

I saw the whole SUV shaking and knew the Choppy and Lila were now knocking each other over in their excitement and glee. It just encouraged me to completely disregard my public surroundings and keep calling to them; the dogs no one else could see because of the almost black privacy glass.
They were just beside themselves with joy that I was almost across the parking lot by now.

The family in the in the Subaru watching and listening to me calling out to the "poofy strangers?"

Not so much.
I gave mountain people a bad name. Again.
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