Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear Cindy

Dear Cindy,

Thank you for sending all those millions tens of people over here to view my glamour shot. Since you posted it, I've been "discovered!"

There have been so many offers, I'm not sure which ones to accept.

There are a few from fans overseas like this one from "Barrister Desmond Duru" (gosh that sounds vaguely familiar)

" am Barrister Desmond Duru.I am the personal Attorney to my Late client Engr.Lens Hector,a National of your country, a Contractor who used to work with Chevron Oil and Gas Company here in Nigeria before his demise. Before his death which took place On Saturday,4 May 2002,my client,his wife and their two kids were involved in the plane crash accident which unforntunately claimed their lives,via the ill-fated E.A.S Airline crash."

I agree that this is a sad story, but the good news is, he wants to split their inheritance with me 55%-45%. And he never would have heard of me, if not for your blog. Thanks "a million" Cindy!

Then, there were a plethora of offers for diet programs (what did you tell them?!), EDS drugs, and apparently there are dozens of Christian singles waiting to meet me. I guess you forgot to mention my marital status.

But the offer I am most excited about is the modeling offer!
That's right, Cindy, this is Big Time. My rain drenched photograph was fierce, baby!
Now all I have to do is hire a stylist, a photographer, pick one out one of those diet plans and make a portfolio. The modeling agency is sure they can help "make all my modeling dreams come true!"

Here is a snapshot Rod took this morning, More of a "natural" look, I think, as I hadn't showered or even brushed my hair(or teeth) yet. "Blue Steel", don't you think?
I know, we love it, too.

And I have you to thank for all of it, Cindy. I won't forget "the little people" that made it all possible. You're a treasure, my friend.
Still praying for Brian,

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