Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again...

New theme song for me.

Even though Rod has insisted, when prodded, that I only need to lose a few lbs, (God bless his heart real good) I have become convinced that it may be more than that and I really should do something about it.

But I have a struggle within myself. Kinda like a Rottweiler/ Golden Retriever mix.

A large part of me(get it?) wants to fit into my smaller jeans again (oh, and my new ones,too) and the other part of me insists this is just all shallow thinking.

God sees into the heart and loves me for who I really am, not for who all the Nutra-Jenny-Slimfast-LA Watchers-Atkins Beach commercials and magazine articles try to persuade me to try to be.

Plus, my hobby is butter.

So it was easier to listen to the second voice.

Until yesterday when I heard the voice of my doctor tell me that my extreme fatigue lately has been caused by my high glucose levels and he diagnosed me with pre-diabetes.

What huh?

So trying to fit into smaller jeans is not all that shallow? It has to do with my health? But I'm too young. I'm only32,no,39,n0,43oh,that's right, I'm 45 now.

Time. It does creep up on a body.

This unexpected news might not have hit me so hard except for the fact of the wogging, what about all the wogging?! (gosh I hope I didn't say that out loud to Dr. G.)

But I've been doing so much wogging, it seems like I should have chased any weight-related disease away.

Beginning at the end of June I began wogging(walk+jog=wog) and really like it. I go 2-3 miles per day and have lost almost 10 lbs. of butter and some Jelly Bellys. I have been consistent and I enjoy it.

Then "BAM!"

Suddenly, it is imperative that I avoid sugar, exercise and lose this weight.

Piece of cake

I'll just keep on wogging, eat butter better, and

Let the ingredient SUGAR be stricken from our lives and household FOREVER AND EVER. AMEN.

Darn, but I'm Hungry Like a Wolf now. Thanks again, Lidna.
**P.S. How appropriate. I just went down to pick up the one piece of mail we recieved today. It is an important and official looking document addressed to "Diane Meyer...United States Mail Recipient" Then, "Open Immediately! Do Not Delay!"
So I did.

Nice. Makes my day. Completely.
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