Monday, July 21, 2008

Things I'm watching

**Project Runway. Woot-woot! New season started last week making me a very happy couch potato camper! Don't ask me why I get so much enjoyment out of this reality show. I don't appreciate fashion trends, and I couldn't sew a hem if your life depended on it. Maybe if MY life depended on a straight hem, I could. But not yours.

** The Vegetable Graveyard AKA The Garden.The tomatoes, cukes, snap peas, peppers and tomatillos growing in my garden.

** The scale. It is showing the EXACT SAME WEIGHT as last week even though I "wogged" (jog +walk =Wog) a kajillion miles and it was a bazillion degrees outside. Gosh, I'm glad I'm not prone to exaggeration.

** The Dark Knight.Good, summertime flick. And I ate about 7.5 lbs of Jelly Bellys and Raisenettes. Handfuls of popcorn in between mouthfuls of candy. This is possibly why my scale is all wonky. See above. I'm just sayin'. ** My son, Josiah. He has been making us proud and our lives easier by going out on his own in our business truck doing air duct and furnace cleaning jobs. He has been dependable, responsible, thorough and efficient in working for the company. Feels SO good to watch your kids bloom into adulthood and be able to say with enthusiam," We didn't completely mess up after all!" (just a feeble attempt at a joke, Josiah)

** Rod. I get to see ALOT more of Rod as he doesn't always need to be out on the job site because we have a wonderfully dependable employee. It is as if he is semi-retired and all up in my business all of a sudden. Awesome on so many levels. See above.

** Four Wheel Drive T.V. I have get to watch this enthralling half hour of television where they say things like " When we come back, we'll take a closer look at these all new engines featuring a Total Power Package combination of E-TEC cylinder heads, roller camshaft, roller rocker arms, Performer EPS Vortec intake and 650 cfm Thunder Series carburetor for repeatable, dyno-proven performance. Blah-blah,blagitty blah blah blah!"
Then they chuckle good naturedly as they break for commercials. But it is too late. I am already wishing someone would run me over(twice) with a 2005 1 ton Dodge Cummins diesel 4x4 duelly.With a Jake brake and an aftermarket exhaust system. Please make the pain stop... please just make it stop.... make them stop somebody.

Why do I put myself through this television show if it causes me so much distress, you ask? See above.

**The barn. It is being systematically torn apart and rebuilt. When I ask why, I hear a response like "the power vac doesn't fit...the snow load...the roof level...blah blah blaggity blah blah." Oh, and he seems to have some time off from the business. See above.

**The Dogs. Because we are in the midst of the DogDays of summer. I can tell because Chopper and Deliah are enjoying corn on the cob. My own Child of the Corn fed it to them. Later , he fed them s'mores around the cmpfire. (note to self: re-read the Josiah point above. A couple times.)

** All of your blogs. Even though I don't always have the time or inspiration to write one of my own, I love reading yours. Woot-woot!

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