Monday, April 21, 2008

Be excited. Be very excited.

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

The bloggy Giveaway carnival is back! It couldn't come soon enough for me because here's a picture from out my front door. Beautiful, isn't it? For JANUARY, maybe. NOT the middle of April.

Weep for me. Pity me. Go sledding with me.

To make me happy, I am joining up with millions thousands hundreds of you in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival.

And do I have a treat for you!!

One of you will win Randy Alcorn's best-selling novel "Deadline."

Signed. Because he is my friend and you will reap the reward of this friendship.

One of you will win Randy's best-selling novel "Safely Home."

Signed. Because he is my friend. (Do I never get tired of saying that? Clearly, the answer is no I don't.)

These books are fiction, but the truths in them are inspiring. Randy has the gift of taking a subject you thought you were very familiar with and helping you to see it through different eyes. You'll see your relationship to God deepen. You'll see yourself in the pages. Pretty much, you'll be forever grateful to me for giving it you. (oh, and to Randy for writing it.Whatever)

So leave a comment to enter this giveaway and I randomly choose two winners on Saturday April 26. Please only enter one time each.

** PLEASE leave an email address if you don't have a blog, so I can email you when you win!

Go here to see all the other giveaways you can enter. Have fun!

P.S. I know you are in a world of hurry entering all the giveaways you can before the end of the week, but do yourself a favor. Take a breather and go read this. It is Randy's blog this week about knowing God's will for your life. Not a waste of your time, I promise.

Then you can go back to trying to stealwin all the Starbucks gift cards from the bloggy-world. (they should all be MINE, I tell you you!)

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