Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lay it down

I got up this morning with a weight on my heart because of a problem I can't easily fix within a ministry I'm involved in and love. My thoughts raced with potential answers to this problem and I argued with myself for a couple hours with "If I do this, then that will happen" and "But if I try that, than this is gonna happen." You know how you do that.

The whole time I knew I wanted to pray about it.

Finally, after Rod left for work, I had time to sit down in my comfy chair, bring out my bible and prayer journal, and spend time with Jesus talking about the day.

But my mind kept wandering in and out during the reading. Then during the praying. I just could not focus. I couldn't concentrate. (Except on my problem and how I'm going to fix it. Insert sheepish smile here)

I had my new cd from Matt Maher playing. I'd played it yesterday for the first time through, but didn't really listen. If you'd asked my opinion on it yesterday, I would've said,

"It's a'ight, dawg." or

"I'm not mad at him."

(Too much AI overload.)

But today, I'd say, " Listen, man. Check it it out!"

The songs spoke through my frustrating situation to the heart of the matter. Especially the last three songs, Unwavering, Lay it Down, and Maranatha. (Click on the link in the upper right hand corner to get a special price "Empty and Beautiful" cd)

They helped me cut through "ME" and get back to "HIM."

Unwavering is your voice,

unwavering is your hand,

unwavering is your heart

that bled for the sins of man.

Unwavering is your will

unwavering is your plan,

the fount of salvation

on which we will stand.

Send us out to be,

your hands and feet.

Send us out to be

your hands and feet."

This cd is going on my iPod. TODAY.

I owe Matt a big debt of gratitude this morning for helping me lay it down this morning when nothing else worked. (Thank you, Matt.)
The situation is still there. But it is in perspective. Laying at the foot of the cross.

This cd is going on my ipod today.

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