Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kegerator dreamin'

I woke up early this morning to get up and get ready for church, but my neck seemed stiff. I was holding my head at a weird angle. I shrugged it off. (mentally)

As I made the coffee, I found I could hardly raise my arms high enough to reach the coffee. Uh oh! Red Alert! Red Alert!

All I remember is dreaming that I was installing the new Kegerator for Rod and I tweaked my neck.

We don't actually own the Kegerator, but it has long been a dream of Rod's (hence, it is now MY dream). Honestly, it is one he will probably not realize. The cost makes it prohibitive to him and he can't justify spending that money when we need things like electricity, food and gasoline. And occasionally sandals. :-)

But wouldn't it be fine to just be able to pull the lever and have the perfectly chilled brew of his choice come bubbling out, finishing in a foamy, frothy head? Rod does enjoy himself a cold glass of beery goodness occasionally. But to have this on hand for those summer BBQ's and potlucks would make his happiness levels soar. And make our house a pretty popular place, I'm thinking.

(Arden, if you are reading this, it is ROOTbeer. No worries.)

So, in my dream, I was surprising him with this sweet machine and even installing it with my daughter's help when, unfortunately, I tweaked my neck.

So sad. No real Kegerator. Very real pain in the neck.

So Rod got ready for church, thinking I was a wonderful wife who hurt herself trying to surprise her husband. (So what if it wasn't real. Rod thinks I'm GREAT!)

I am staying home and having church with the dogs. Don't mock. Both Chopper and Delilah love worship music.

Rod ran out to the car with his bible in one hand and his morning coffee in the other. I watched the car begin to pull out, then slam to a stop. The car door opened and Rod ran back to the house. This is what I saw.

He had dumped his hot coffee in his lap. Being the caring wife I am, I took his picture, then blogged about it. I hardly laughed at all. Because my neck. It hurts when I do.

It's lookin' like Rod might have had a little too much from the Kegerator last night.....
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