Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Time. It can be fun.

Rod and I are grandparents! We are so excited, happy and proud. We knew this moment would come someday, but when it did, we were just not prepared for how overwhelmed we would be.
Without further ado, may we present the triplets:

Keeping with the current trends, they are named (left to right) Corn, Tomato and Pole Bean (Just "Bean" for short).

Those are little peat pods which we watered, planted seeds into and now tiny little vegetables are sprouting. Warm weather had better arrive before July or my office desk will be overrun with large plants. Not conducive to good business practices. So I hear.

The sprouts are as close as we will get to grandchildren for a while, as neither Josiah or Amy are married. Without a doubt, both the kids are really hoping that the veggie-babies will hold Rod off for a time.

I have to say, I am very much enjoying being a parent to adult children. My learning is continuing, (I already said I'm sorry, Josiah)and I make many mistakes, but hopefully they can overlook those because that would be the Christ-like thing to do. Right??

They can make me laugh like no one else in the world, and spending time with them is my most favorite thing in the world. Right up there with spending time in prison. :-)

This weekend we went to the fabulous wedding of Josiah's friends, Zac and Erica. It was fabulous. It bears repeating.

Josiah was one of the groomsmen and this is his darling girlfriend, Ashley. We all went over to Grampa Arden's house for pizza after the wedding and Grampa warned Josiah not to let Ashley get away. As if!

Ashley is a wonderful,sweet girl who truly cares for Josiah.

And she has top-notch fashion sense. You should see this gal's shoes! What a catch!

So I'll end today's post with a shout out to the gal who fell all the way down our front steps wearing the most darling trouser jeans, tailored short jacket and perfect shoes, making it look as though it hardly hurt;

"Hey Ashley, hope your bruises are fading! Love you! Diane"

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