Thursday, April 10, 2008


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Gather 'round, my little Fashionistas, gather 'round.

Today you will hear the tale of the cutest shoe ever to leave a foot print. It is the legend of THE SANDALS.

I first heard about them a long, long time ago on Big Mama's own blog. She posted a link one innocent Fashion Friday which showed a picture of THE SANDALS. I followed the link and beheld the footwear vision for the first time. My heart skipped a beat. Perfect footwear can do that to me.


I knew they belonged to me.

In my closet.

On my feet.

In my coffin when my husband sees how much I spent.

I do believe they may cost the same as a week's worth of groceries.

Knowing this was abhorrent in His sight, I asked for the Lord to deliver me from this evil temptation as I clicked on that Nordstrom site as quickly as I could.

The Lord did not deliver me.

Nordstrom's did just a few days later.

All I could do was hope my husband would not notice or care about the price once he beheld their beauty.

But he did notice and he did care. And I thought I was going to end up, buried in the new garden out back. I would have, too.

If his package from Cabela's hadn't arrived and saved my worthless life.

Now I can wear THE SANDALS to my heart's content, eliciting admiring sighs as we walk on by.

Even though they are not from Cabela's, and not come in Mossy Oak camouflaged, Rod is now very fond of THE SANDALS.

They are cute. They are comfortable. They will go with everything,like this outfit, all Spring long and coast into Summer. Did I mention they are cute and comfortable? They are. I love them. And I am not angry at Big Mama anymore. Not even a little bit.

Click back here to see what loverly bloggers are wearing this spring. Thanks, Big Mama, for throwing this Fiesta and for, well, you know, THE SANDALS.
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